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CampusTutors can help you/your child learn better through private 1-to-1 home tuition. We do it by recommending tutors who have strong academic qualifications, and also importantly, have the right personality and aptitude to teach, motivate and inspire your child. As a result, students reach their fullest potential and achieve better academic grades.

How to find the best tutors with these 7 important selection criteria.

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About Our Tutors

At CampusTutors, we provide one-to-one, private home tuition. We recommend only the best tutors to you or your child by applying very stringent tutor evaluation criteria. Importantly too, we constantly gather feedback from past clients in order to filter out only the best tutors.

We also take careful measures to verify and ensure that our registered tutors are qualified and proficient before recommending them to our clients. Such measures include verification with the local universities (such as NUS, NTU, SMU) and inspecting their academic qualifications.

As a result, over 93% of students had achieved substantial improvement in grades (improvement by 2 or more grades up) as obtained from our recent survey of over 300 clients.

See improvements in your/your child's grades under the guidance of the best tutors from NUS, NTU & SMU (graduates and undergraduates)!
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Best private home tutors - Graduates and undergraduates of NUS, NTU & SMU

How CampusTutors Started

With its founding roots from NTU in 2007, CampusTutors was formed to help primary to junior college students achieve their fullest potential and improve their grades through one-to-one, focused private home tuition. By looking up to our university undergrads/graduates as their role models, students will eventually realise their goals for the future. To date, over 5,300 students had achieved better academic grades with help from our tutors.

Today, CampusTutors has a pool of highly selected and academically excellent tutors - post-graduates and undergraduates - from the top three local universities, namely, National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) & Singapore Management University (SMU).

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